An introduction, and an explanation…

I thought I would make my first post about myself, and why I have chosen to start a blog. As for myself, I am an average guy in some ways (depending on how you define average..) and quite abnormal in others. The average part of me wants to see my children grow up to be happy, to see success from my career, and to leave something lasting for my (future) grand children. The problem is that my ‘abnormal’ side was awoken a few years ago, and once that happened my outlook on life changed.

I’m not saying I still don’t get enjoyment from life, but I am witnessing changes in my country and the world, that I believe will make it so that my children won’t be as happy as they could be when they get older; changes that are starting to make me realize that the harder I work isn’t necessarily indicative of the success that I will have; and changes that are showing me that it is going to be harder to leave behind something for future generations.

I am also seeing events unfold that give me the idea that knowledge, and ideas, are the best things we can give future generations. There are a lot of groups and ideologies that are starting to metastasize into something very sinister and dangerous for those of us who still believe in the American ideals.

So now I find myself at a cross roads. With the knowledge of the way our country and world is decaying, and the desire to provide the best life I can to my family, I have started to prepare myself for a changing world. A world, that in the future, will look more like the distant past than the past of my childhood. I once heard a man say that “his great-grandfather rode a horse to school, and more than likely so will his great-grandchildren.” I think that is a good way to summarize my thoughts as well.

So this will be a blog about my journey towards being more prepared and more self-reliant. It will not necessarily be an anti-government rant blog as much as a pro-self reliance blog. I certainly do consider myself a patriot in the old sense of the word, and feel that the only people who can consider themselves really “American” are those who support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in their entirety. These were the beliefs held by the first “Americans” to ever exist on this planet, so I feel that it is only proper to use them as a qualifier for who is really an “American”.

I want this blog to be somewhat of a guide for other people in my position. I want people to be able to learn from my successes and mistakes. I don’t consider myself an expert in many things, and most of what I will be putting on here will be in the form of “after action reviews” from following other peoples preparedness advice. But I also have some expertise and experience in things that I feel will add to the plethora of information out there.

So with this I will end my little introduction, and wish you all the best. May you find the strength to confront the truth, and the courage to engage in the actions necessary.

An introduction, and an explanation…

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