The RaDAR challenge, the foundation for some good training


I recently just learned about a ham Radio contest called the radar challenge. They hold two competitions a year and one is actually tomorrow (4/2/16). It’s a very interesting concept for shtf comms practice. Basically it is a 24-hour contest to make the most contacts you can in any legal ham mode , on HF, VHF, or UHF. The only condition is you cannot use a repeater. It is really designed around foot mobile operation from the field , although fixed and mobile stations are allowed.

I don’t plan on taking part in tomorrow’s competition on foot,  I am actually planning on conducting  some tests with some antennas, although if I get time I will fire up my radio to see what I can hear of it. Maybe I can help some of the competitors out with some contacts. is the blog of the inventor of this challenge and has some good information on it for those interested. 

There are also some more good sites done by some people who compete that I’ve found online as well. Even if you aren’t interested in competing, these guys take portable  communications seriously and I am sure there is a lot to be learned.

This is a concept that could easily be adapted into your shtf comms practice,  not to mention combining with land nav and patrolling skills.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination,  but it’s always nice to come across other people’s good ideas too.

The RaDAR challenge, the foundation for some good training

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