Power Inverter Questions and Tips

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A.H. Trimble - Emergency preparedness information for disasters and grid-down

DC to AC Power Inverter for emergencies, disasters, and grid-downPower inverters convert DC power into AC power. For this conversation I will only refer to 12vDC to 120vAC power conversion. I believe it is important to have the ability to have 120vAC power available during emergencies, disasters, and grid-down situations. There will be needs such as running electronic equipment, chargers, medical equipment, etc. While diesel, gas, or propane generators are one option, they tend to be noticeable as well as requiring fuel. Solar units with one or more deep cycle batteries can often meet all the power requirements. However, you may have to convert the 12vDC power to 120vAC power. That is the job of a power inverter.

Questions –

What is the difference between modified and pure sine?

Modified is a blocky sine wave and a pure sine is a cleaner rounded sine wave.   A pure sine wave is as close to city power as it gets via…

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Power Inverter Questions and Tips

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