The Troubles Of Northern Ireland -OR- Put yourself in their boots..

And just think, they were only divided by religion and whether they wanted to be a part of Britain. Imagine if something along these lines were to start in the US. With all the fault lines running through our culture we could very easily have a multitude of Northern Irelands. By the way, if you haven’t read Matt Bracken’s piece on the CW2 cube,  quit reading this and go read his. Now by the time you finished reading that, I hope you started thinking about where you are on the CW2 cube. Are you living somewhere where you are in the minority, especially racially?

Think about what is happening in Venezuela right now. Life is going to be pretty hard, but it will be harder when you stick out. Multiculturalism is great on paper, but racism and class envy can give fuel to people’s flames when you have something they want.

Start getting to know your neighbors. Are they ideologically the same, different,  or are you not sure? How about morally? How are they going to act when their kids are starving? Or if guns, food “hording”, ham radio or other perfectly legal things are outlawed, how would they act?

To be honest,  I don’t share much with anyone I don’t consider a “shovel friend”. Notice I said “much”. I share a little, I speak my mind on what I think is right or wrong. Sometimes this crosses a comfort barrier for some people, but usually I find out deep down they agree on most things. I do this just to see what reaction I get.

What I don’t tell them is any of the 5W’s or “how”. This includes family. Sometimes even my wife. I don’t keep things a secret may for the sake of it, but to keep information from being spread to other people. It comes down to “need to know”. If they don’t NEED to know, then DON’T tell them.

People who know me, know I enjoy shooting. They might even know that I enjoy shooting AR’s or “black guns” or whatever they think non-hunting weapons are called these days.  What I don’t tell them is Who I train with, What I am specifically training in, Why I train, Where I train, When I train, or How I train. I only give people the details that I need them to know.

So,  start thinking on the local level. Quit paying so much more attention to the national situation in this country, and start getting to know your neighbors.

The Troubles Of Northern Ireland -OR- Put yourself in their boots..

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