A cheaper HF radio to help get on the air

I came across this nifty little radio this morning, and thought it might be a good radio for someone wanting to get into portable HF radio. It’s a Chinese radio that is going for around $500 on ebay, and I read that there is a seller on Amazon that was selling them for $430. It seems to have good reviews on youtube and eham. As long as a person realizes that it is not bullet proof, and keeps it’s usage in perspective, you actually are getting alot for the money, for about the price of a well used FT-817, but with 20 watts max. From the reading I was doing there were some firmware issues to begin with, but it seems to be ironed out.

I’ll be keeping my eye on this to see how things develop. It is a nice sized radio for portable operations, and you aren’t limited to 5W like an 817.



A cheaper HF radio to help get on the air

4 thoughts on “A cheaper HF radio to help get on the air

    1. shocktroop0351 says:

      I’ve never heard of them before. I’ve been thinking of a replacement/backup radio to my sg2020, and while I don’t think the x108g is a direct replacement, it does look like an option.

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      1. Mike Bishop says:

        I stumbled on them accidentally looking for an HF rig with more ass than the 817, but wasn’t a “skyburner” either.

        My sincere expectation from Dayton was that one of the big three would have released something like the X108G:

        1) Around 20-watts
        2) LCD Screen vs LCD Alphanumeric display
        3) Portable
        4) Built-in TNC

        X108G, to the best of my knowledge, is the closest thing on the market to that requirement list.

        I may take a chance on one, when I get some of my current irons out of the fire.

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      2. shocktroop0351 says:

        The guy in the first video I put up has done a few videos and also has a blog where he discusses using it. It seems to hold some promise. It also seems like the company is trying to produce good products and be competitive.


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